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RV Handy Hints

You need to check the roof seals, window seals, and access door seals of your RV at least  twice a year. As your TV sits in storage the unit expands and contracts with the changes in weather and temperature. This can cause the seems to crack and leak.

Also, as your RV travels down the road the bumps and ruts cause your RV to flex. Again, this can lead to cracks and leaks in the seams and sealers used on your RV.

This is also a good time to check the inside of your RV. Check the water lines and the fittings to the toilet to make sure all the connections are tight and no leaks have developed. A small drip in the water lines can lead to dry rot damage in the floor or mildewed carpet or flooring.

A maintenance check when you put your TV in storage at the end of the season and again when you get it out of storage will help prevent costly leaks and dry-rot, prolonging the life of your RV.

Special recipe for cleaning black tanks

2 cups "sudsy" ammonia
2 tbs dawn dish washing detergent
Stir the above into 1 gallon warm water and put in tank
Fill tank 2/3 full
Move unit for 30 minutes
Let stand for 72 hours
Move unit for 10 minutes then flush and drain

Another way to clean your black tank is, after draining your black tank. Put a little water and a bag of ice in your tank. Drive home and flush.

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