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RV Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is important to the life and enjoyment of your new Stoney's RV camper. Many problems can be stopped before they become a major issue. How much the camper is used and where it is used, (high heat, salt on the roads, etc) will affect the frequency of maintenance of your camper. Below is a partial list of maintenance suggestions


Inspect the frame and components, periodically, for signs of rust or nicks and scratches. Clean and wire brush if necessary, and touch up with rustproof enamel paint.

If your camper has been exposed to snow, road salt or chemicals, or salt water, take time to rinse off the frame and undercarriage as soon as possible after reaching your destination.


Keep clean of mud, dirt, salt, etc. and lubricate pivot points with a dry lubricant spray such as Protect All Slide-out Dry Lube, available Stoney's RV

Hitch Couplers-Travel Trailers

Inspect before each trip. The coupler should be cleaned and lubricated monthly with wheel bearing grease. Do not use if the coupler appears worn or damaged.

Pin Box and Hitch Equipment-Fifth Wheel Trailers

Inspect monthly or prior to each trip. Lubricate your hitch per manufacturer's instructions.

Safety Chains

Safety chains should be inspected before each trip and replaced if damaged. Never tow without using safety chains.

Tongue Jacks

Inspect your jack and test its operation. If the jack is difficult to operate, clean and oil lightly. If your jack needs to be replaced, we can help you choose the replacement. Perhaps and electric jack by Barker would be a good option.


Black streaks are caused when pollution, rain, dirt and sealant deterioration mix. While it is nearly impossible to prevent them, installing rain spouts or extensions can help. We stock several different types. When you do get black streaks, Stoney's RV recommends using Captain Mikes to clan your camper. After washing you camper, finish with a non abrasive wax.


Every six months you should check the seals around your windows, roof vents and corner moldings to avoid leaks. Stoney's RV carries a complete line of caulking and can advise you which type is appropriate to use. Don't forget to check the seams in your slide-out when doing your check-up.

Brake Adjustment

Adjust your electric brakes after the first 200 miles. Also, check every 3 months or 3,000 miles. Never adjust only one brake at one time.

Please consider Stoney's RV for any service work you may need.

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