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RV Refrigerator Tips


Q: I have an ammonia smell in my RV's refrigerator, and it has stopped working!

A: The smell is coming from a leak in your refrigerator's core - you need a new fridge. You can replace the core with a new core, and it is cheaper than a new refrigerator, but remember that all of your other components are used. If you have a brain board go out, you could be spending another $300-$400 to replace the board. When purchasing a re-cored RV refrigerator the warranty is only on the replaced core.

Q: I was told if I turned my refrigerator upside down it would start working again?

A: A refrigerator core is like a clogged artery. Turning it upside down may break the core loose but once it collects up again in the line it will stop the flow of ammonia and stop cooling. You need a new fridge.

Q: Last year I put my RV away for the season and my fridge was working fine. But now it won't get cold. What's wrong?

A: RV refrigerators need a 12 volt source to operate the brain board. Make sure your battery is charged, or the refrigerator will not come on.

Q: My RV refrigerator works great on gas, but not on 110 volt.

A: If it works great on gas, your problem could be a bad heating element, or it could be a board. Some refrigerators have a separate thermostat for gas and one for electric.

Q: My refrigerator gets cold on the top but not the bottom. Why?

A: You probably have a blockage in the coil, you can replace the coil, but it's recommended that you replace the complete refrigerator.

Q: How cold should my refrigerator get?

A: 40oF is the food safe zone.


Q: My RV refrigerator takes a long time to get cold. Why?

A: The refrigerator in your house blows cold air into the box and makes it cold, but your RV has what's called "heat exchange", meaning it absorbs hot air. The more it absorbs out of the box the colder it gets. It's best when stocking your refrigerator to have the items already cold to start with. If you have children getting soft drinks a lot of the time. Keep soft drinks in another cooler (ice chest) to keep from open and closing the door so much.

Q: I am experiencing problems with my refrigerator making a boiling or gurgling sound on LP and electric and it will not get cold. It will turn on but it will not get cold. What should I do about this problem?


A: You have a bad cooling unit. Replace the cooling unit or the complete refrigerator.

Q: My Dometic refrigerator's check light is on, what do I check? Is it on gas or AC?

A: Make sure the gas is on and you have gas. If check light is on you are on gas.

Cleaning Tips

To keep your refrigerator clean and smelling good between uses, remove any food from it. Wipe the inside down with warm water and baking soda. Allow it to dry! Always store the RV with the refrigerator and freezer doors propped open to prevent mildew!

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